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Pressure (Horace Ove, 1976) : Windrush and the oppression

Pressure (Ove, 1976) was the first feature length film directed by a Trinidadian-born director, who exposed the harsh and evident truth of growing up and living in London during the 1970s. Through the eyes of Anthony Watson (Herbert Norville) we are transported to a London that I have not known. Growing up as a fourth generation West-Indian descent individual, I was born in the UK and in recent day face less discrimination and myth of progress than those born of the Windrush generation. The institutional failures of the government have seen the impact more so in recent news of Windrush deportation. A BBC article on the scandal of Windrush identifies the key issues and failure to be recognised as a British citizen by the government. Home Office secertary, Sajid Javid after reviewing 11,800 cases found that 18 were wrongfully deported. PM Theresa May expressed apologies and "reassurance" that this would be dealt with accordingly. But, what does Pressure (1976) tell us about t…

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