Saturday, 28 March 2015


So EXO release their teasers and I guess I can deal with that but then they have the nerve to put Sehun in some outfit that not even the lord can explain. SM why would you put him in this:

Like why would you make him look like he is refereeing multiple games at the same damn time?!!!
So then I see lay crop up in the updates on youtube, so I am  here like...

He is in China in his teaser and he looks high as fuck (as usual) like I feel like not much has changed with Mr,Yixing... he was hanging out with Taeyong and it was the cutest video i have ever seen (This is a seperate video BTW)

K sooo Taeyong is a beautiful human being and I can't deal right now.
But the lord knows how I felt when I saw this...

I was crying.....
Tao was in Barcelona

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