Thursday, 26 March 2015


狼少女は王子をKUROする episode 8 ENG SUB


I watched it like....

When I was watching Kusakabe and Erika go on the date i was like....

In this episode, there is awkward tension between Erika and Sata. Erika meets up with Kusakabe and they go on a date to an aquarium because no bitch be going to an aquarium with a boy that just so happens to like her like really? and so, they go to a fountain and Sata is there!

When I see Sata I'm like..

It was some intense moment and when they kiss I am like yaasss !

Oh and before I forget, Baekhyun has released his Teaser I am going to put a link in the next post and that is for KPOP I will put links to other teasers and new videos.

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