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EXO 'THE 2ND ALBUM' EXODUS REVIEW - WARNING! This is my own opinion so yh

So I am going to go through this entire album and try not to get wet at the same time because this album is some other level of mature. EXO have reached that stage where they would sexually driving their fans because we are literally having sex with them with this album. I respect SM with what they've done with my boys!

SM you are my...
Image result for my nigga memes Like SM literally went up in my books after listening to this album. The thing is that we have had subtle hints from CHANYEOL in 'OVERDOSE' Shall we *flashback*
He was basically saying he wanted to lick a girl's pussy out... but he said in a subtle way, very classy and seductive way.. mmm CHANYEOL.


First track is CALL ME BABY!
I have listened to the Korean and Chinese versions and I can honestly say that the Chinese version is my favourite based on the video. But the reason I love the korean one is because of Kai. As we all know Kai is the dancer of the group and he basically is always slaying but in this video he wasn't slaying he was shutting it down. In the Korean version, we see Kai roll up in a light blue Ferrari he looks like a hot piece of something aha! Chanyeol has blue hair in the video and everyone is rocking ripped jeans and leather jackets. Kai was rocking a turtle neck with a Hawaiian styled shirt. The video is honestly amazing. There is so much I could say about the chinese version but like I just can't understand how TAO is sassy as fuck in this video. LAY is grabbing his crotch  and did I mention that KAI was whining for his life. I am so done! The song itself is a little reminder of GROWL and HISTORY for me because they had a lot of bass and hard-hitting beats in those tracks. But in all those videos they be slaying.
 Yh so TAO was driving a red Ferrari and as you can see him and squad are looking like mean girls look at BAEKHYUN is he is like 'Girl look at this boy.' ahhaa. Honestly TAO STAHPPP!

Here is again near the end of the video 'Rap bit!' (CHINESE VERSION) I have to say tho this shirt that he is wearing is making him look a little creepy. I would have made him wear a shirt but not that tight. But he SASSES the hell out of that shirt let me tell you that.
'WHERE IS SHE' Says TAO.. I'm here like baby I'm on the plane meet me at the airport! I'm here like...

It does sound a little like a bass heavy song on some parts. I give this song 11/10! I feel like this album has a lot of suprises but this was my favourite. I think I can hear CHANYEOL doing this rap thing and his deep ass voice makes mee soo....

The song is really good though, D.O. is making a lot of sexy sounds. The song is very hip-hip with the beat. The lyrics are quite sexual and this is just the warm-up. I feel like this song is very gangster for them if I'm honest aha with the beat.

Thirdly is What If..
Lemme tell you about this track. I found the album on SPOTIFY and as I listened to the track I noticed that What If sounded like a slow CHRIS BROWN track. It is a slow RnB song and I feel like August Alsina and all them niggas need to come to Korea and let all these fine ass boys show them how to seduce a lady. Like the beat alone is making feel like they're singing to me which they are. I am in love with this track. When I first heard this track I was like...
This is nothing compared to the next track. But WHAT IF is a slow RnB song. It is like the foreplay before this fiery next track..

Fourthly, we have PLAYBOY.
The first thing you hear is D.O. like 'Hey...Playboy.' I feel like that HEY had a lot of Y's. Let's go to the chart to identify the purpose of that hey:
Heyyyy...D.O wants to beat that! ahaahahaaa. The song is very sexual and I feel like this is also the foreplay because they keep saying PLAY for a start and secondly I feel like the song has that come here girl type beat. D.O.'s voice is veru seductive in this track and I am emotionally and sexually enjoying this track I'm just being honest.

I know this is off topic but look at the fuckery that I'm finding on google images:
This bitch had an orgasm ON STAGE! This gone be me and Lay I tell you that! AAHHAHA ANYWHOOO...

Fifth Track is MY ANSWER..
This sounds a little like 'miracles in December.' D.O. is always taking these songs. He sings them so beautifully. This song is so beautiful, like I want this to be my wedding song. I am in love with this track and I feel like this is one of my favorites. It made me cry when I first heard it. Chen is there also and I am listerally sitting on my bed crying and at the same time smiling at the majestic voice that is D.O.
When D.O. hits them notes near the end of the track I am literally gasping because we all expect him to do that but because the song has already made us so amazed we are virtually trying hard not to but a plane ticket to SEOUL.This song made me cry like how TAO did in EXO SHOWTIME when they watched that film...


Next Track is EXODUS (FREEDOM OF JAH PEOPLE) Nah I'm playing.
The next track is EXODUS and it is about a guy who can't escape a girl's fatal charms kind of like the same story as OVERDOSE.This said girl is driving them insane, they can't let go of her love. I thoroughly enjoyed this track because it reminded of their old stuff. I'm talking about the HUGS AND KISSES album. It gets a 9/10 from me not my favourite track but overall a hot beat with some fiery lyrics. Sorry I am speeding through this. I would be here for days trying to explain how I feel about this album.
Well XIUMIN....we move on to the next track which is..
We have heard this track before from like 2012 when they did a debut. I feel like this was a hard-hitting track. The mood I get from it is very serious and they ain't playing. I don't like it that much. I would give it a 7/10 honestly. I feel like the beat is a very heavy one and I do like it but I'm not feeling this track that much. K soo yhh.

Let's move on...
Lady Luck (I know I have skipped two tracks so here is the link and you can't make your own opinion of them) Beautiful is a lovely track but the reason I skipped tracks because LADY LUCK needs all my attention. In this track a woman is literally moaning in the background and I am so shocked but at the same time that woman moaning  needs to be me okay...This song is fucking sexy as hell I am literally like..
Lady luck is some beautiful as song and when I hear the moaning in the background I begin to realize that EXO were not fucking about with this album and to end it with this song is mouth-watering in it's self.

Here is the link to listen to the full album....EXO THE 2ND ALBUM EXODUS (KOREAN N CHINESE VER.)

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