Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Update - 1st April 2015

So first day of the spring month and I thought that I will make some changes so first off all I need to post more shit on here because you all would loved to see some more stuff on here. I also want to lwt you guys know that I am planning on starting my youtube channel up but better. I would like to do Q&A's, Vlogs and Skits or comedy with you guys! So that is also up in stock for the spring! I am also gonna start watching more dramas or catching up on dramas that I haven't watched or finished! I need to finish Kiss in Tokyo and many of the animes I have delayed because of my busy (sleeping) schedule!LOL.

So I also wanted to send a link to my tumblr account as I post a lot of korean shit on there it is a very oriental tumblr blog and I wanted to get you guys on the ball with this one so here is the link:
Oceans (FyeahItsTamika)

I would like people to comment or ask questions and I will answer! I will deliver ahaha! Honest I will

I leave you with a link also to RED VELVET'S ICE CREAM CAKE MV (Forgot to in the last blog post)
Red Velvet

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